In the midst of interpersonal conflict or even when anticipating one, many of us lose our perspective and become quickly entrenched in what we perceive as the wisdom of our position (and of course, the wrongness of “the other person’s”). Disputes that then evolve at these times are often fraught with strong emotions, stress and confusion.

How to effectively manage ourselves, the situation and the interaction before and after things escalate is one of the challenges we face in an effort to effectively find our way through such dynamics.

ConflictMastery™ aims to facilitate YOUR efforts to meet such a challenge. It is about helping you build conflict intelligence and discover your choices about how to more effectively engage in interpersonal conflicts. It is about preventing unnecessary disputes. It is about changing conflict habits that do not work for you.

ConflictMastery™ is also about enhancing your knowledge, skills and abilities in order to effectively model conflict competence, and strengthen your proficiency as a coach, mediator, leader, lawyer, Human Resource professional, psychologist, social worker, therapist and union representative.