Every day you are faced with employees in conflict. At times, the challenges of managing the various situations and accompanying stresses can become overwhelming. One of the things you are realizing is that you yourself are not as competent as you would like to be at helping staff or engaging in conflict yourself. This may be one of the reasons you become overwhelmed and do not always feel confident assisting others.

CONFLICTMASTERY™ FOR HUMAN RESOURCE PROFESSIONALS is a dynamic program aimed at enhancing how you engage in conflict. This workshop is not about coaching or helping others with their conflicts. It is about YOU and how to increase your conflict competence as a professional and model for others. It is also about gaining increased confidence to interact and assist others in ways you prefer.

Content of ConflictMastery™ for Human Resource Professionals

In this program, you will:

- explore the specific areas of managing conflict that you want to strengthen - learn more about conflict and its underpinnings
- examine your destructive and constructive responses to conflict, according to the Conflict Dynamics Profile®*
- gain insights into your responses to conflict that may be adversely affecting your effectiveness in your work - consider your choices for managing conflict differently
- gain increased knowledge, skills and abilities about modeling conflict competence


This program is conducted in two formats – each with three 1-hour optional coaching sessions to follow the training:

- a one day workshop (6 hours); or
- a 4 week telecourse (90 minutes per class)

For dates and cost, contact Cinnie Noble, or her assistant Laureen McNeill, at: Email: Phone: 416-686-4247 or Toll Free: 1-866-335-6466 (Canada & U.S.)

* Click here for information on the Conflict Dynamics Profile®