The nature of mediators’ work requires us to be in the eye of conflict on a regular basis. The importance of maintaining strong skills when it comes to helping others find their way through conflict, while retaining our equilibrium, cannot be overstated.

This dynamic program is for mediators and others who are practitioners in the conflict management field. The objective is to enhance the way you engage in conflict in your own lives to be models for clients, and increase your effectiveness as a practitioner.

Content of ConflictMastery™ for Mediators

In this workshop, you will:

- explore the specific areas of managing conflict that you want to strengthen by examining your own destructive and constructive responses to conflict, according to the Conflict Dynamics Profile®*
- gain insights into your responses to conflict and how they may affect your practice as a mediator, or other conflict management practitioner
- focus on areas you want to improve about how you manage conflict
- make a plan for shifting unproductive conflict habits and strengthening your own conflict intelligence


This program is conducted in two formats – each with three 1-hour optional coaching sessions to follow the training:

- a one day workshop (6 hours); or
- a 4 week telecourse (90 minutes per class)

For dates and cost, contact Cinnie Noble, or her assistant Laureen McNeill, at: Email: Phone: 416-686-4247 or Toll Free: 1-866-335-6466 (Canada & U.S.)

* Click here for information on the Conflict Dynamics Profile®