ConflictMastery™ uses the Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP) in its workshops. CDP is an assessment instrument about conflict behaviours. This tool provides a powerful way to help people gain self-awareness about such things as their constructive and destructive responses to conflict.

There are two versions of the CDP. The CDP-360 and the CDP-Individual (CDP-I). The CDP-I is a "self-report" (respondents assess how they view themselves) and considers their constructive and destructive responses to conflict and their hot buttons. The CDP-360 is a full spectrum tool, which assesses not only the respondents' self-view. It also includes the perspective of their boss, peers and direct reports.

A report is provided for both versions. The CDP-I provides respondents with information on:
- what types of actions provoke them; and
- their self-identified constructive and destructive responses to conflict.

The CDP-360 provides feedback on the same variables as above and also:
- how others perceive the way they respond to conflict;
- how respondents react before, during and after conflict; and
- which behaviours may harm one's position in a particular organization.

Based on the results of the report from either the CDP-I or CDP-360, coaches work with individuals to help them improve specific behaviours to become more effective at conflict management.

The CDP is a psychometrically sound instrument, which shows solid evidence of reliability and validity. Easily completed in 20-30 minutes, this instrument comes with a comprehensive Development Guide, offering practical tips and strategies for strengthening conflict management skills. Applicable for all types of organizations, this assessment tool may be used within the context of an existing training program as part of a coaching intervention for the respondent or for coaching a group of employees. Further information on the CDP is also available at

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Cinnie Noble is certified to deliver the Conflict Dynamics Profile®.