One of the areas that some coaches find challenging in their efforts to build a strong personal and professional foundation is in managing conflict. We regularly listen to our clients’ conflicts with others, and may at times reflect that we do not manage our own interpersonal disputes as well as we prefer. We may tend to avoid conflict, or react in ways that do not serve us well. We may even realize that how we engage in conflict is having a negative impact on our proficiency to serve our clients in conflict.

If you want to increase your conflict mastery, consider this program as a forum for developing your knowledge, skills and abilities to interact more effectively and approach conflict more positively. Consider too how doing so will have a positive impact on your work with clients embroiled in their interpersonal disputes.

CONFLICTMASTERY™ FOR COACHES is a dynamic and interactive program that provides a coach-like approach for enhancing how you engage in conflict.

Content of ConflictMastery™ for Coaches

In this workshop, you will:

- explore the specific areas of managing conflict that you want to strengthen
- learn more about conflict and its underpinnings
- examine your destructive and constructive responses to conflict, according to the Conflict Dynamics Profile®*
- gain insights into your responses to conflict that may adversely affect your coaching effectiveness
- consider your choices for managing conflict differently
- gain increased understanding of how to ‘walk the talk’, as a conflict intelligent coach
- make a plan for shifting unproductive conflict habits and strengthening your conflict management foundation


This program is conducted in two formats – each with three 1-hour optional coaching sessions to follow the training:

- a one day workshop (6 hours); or
- a 4 week telecourse (90 minutes per class)

For dates and cost, contact Cinnie Noble, or her assistant Laureen McNeill, at: Email: Phone: 416-686-4247 or Toll Free: 1-866-335-6466 (Canada & U.S.)

Please note: This is not a workshop that teaches participants how to provide conflict management coaching. For information on our workshops that train coaches to provide conflict management coaching, please visit under Training.

* Click here for information on the Conflict Dynamics Profile®